Comments from viewers after the final episode 27: Have You Experienced Jesus:

Blake Beal: That's too bad David. I have really enjoyed your program especially last weeks I think it was episode 27. The ? What's the most important thing in your life? That was an eye opener with the mormon's view and Christian's view!! Thanks again and God Bless!

Leslie Fanchon Lefebvre: I really appreciated the show and it's format. Sorry to hear you'll be going off the air, but who knows what the Lord has planned for you next! God bless you Dave, and establish the work of your hands. Psalm 90:16-17

Barbara Klewin Dunbar: Dave i so appreciate you and your testimony of Jesus God bless you in all your endeavors

Pastor Ross Anderson: Love you Dave! Thanks for doing the program!

Juli Hess McIntosh: Sorry to hear that but I know God has something amazing for you.

Cara Hatch Street: I will miss these episodes. Maybe you can still do some to put on the internet. I hope you find work soon, your show was awesome!!!

Janet Horsley Prisone: Oh man!! I'm so sad! I post some of your episodes on my wall because most of my FB friends are true blue Mormons. I usually get several comments about the posts. Yes! You were respectful and kind in your interviews. Praying for you and your ministry with the LDS and believing God is directing your path.

Rob Sivulka: May God continue to direct you and use you for His kingdom in whatever you end up doing!

Mark Hersey: sorry to read - God be with you

Enid Jennings Molder: oh no! one of the highlights of my week. I will miss them very much, they were so interesting.

Blake Beal:  That will be good. The episode with Lynn Wilder was a great one too. They our dear friends if mine... I'll check your website for the latest thanks again you are doing a great work.... Praise God.

Brian Mason: You were very considerate to the LDS people. Sorry to hear of the financial issues. Let's praise God for the time you were on the tube, and by God's Grace it may happen again! TY!

Enid Jennings Molder: I hope so,i was spreading the word to all my friends, i will watch for them, and pray you get funding. Thank you so much!

Mark B Marriott: I'm sure that your witness reached many. God bless my friend!

Aaron Tunell: We appreciate your work!

Claudia Elliott: We will continue to pray for your ministry. Thank you for ALL you do!!

Orin Porter: Thanks for All your efforts, David.

Francesco Amendola:  Oh no!!! I really enjoy your show! that God might in the future use you to reach more people! Thank you very much for your wonderful show that I will continue to share to friends and family!

Thomas J. Haarstick: We appreciated the 27 episodes you did give us David Bartosiewicz. Thank you

Bryan Jensen: Thank you, David. Your heart has been noticed and is a gift to the Body and to me. Thanks for letting me be involved in the very small way I was. I know how it is to have the pressure to prioritize projects that help put money in the household. You have something very honoring to God to show for your sacrifice. Thanks again.

Diane Davis-Fox: Oh Man!!! Sad Face!! I love the show! You are awesome! Sorry I am not a wealthy friend. The Lord has a plan.

Have You Experienced JESUS?