Have You Experienced JESUS?

Meet Austin and Rainey both LDS opening up about their religion and faith about Jesus Christ. A very warm and candid interview. Enjoy.  11/23/2013

Part 2 : Courtney..

Part 1: Meet Courtney, a 19 year old Mormon Missionary sharing her truth of her faith and how Dave shares his understanding of the bible.

Met a Muslim who shares his understanding on Jesus. Very interesting interview.

Met George at a Phoenix Christian Concert sharing his born again experience with Christ while he was homeless. Now doing great and getting married. Praise God.

See how a former Mormon, who became excommunicated is sharing the LDS gosple and is going to be rebaptized into Mormonism again. Very interesting ideas of Mormonism.

Meet Harris, a Mormon convert and of Jewish decent, talks about how  Mormonism is the true church.

Meet Doug, a very orthodox Mormon sharing very strong ideas of his faith. This is a must see video.

Meet a recent convert to the LDS faith sharing her understanding of why Mormons believe in Temples?

Meet Charles, an conservative LDS believer. He shares how he believes that believers can become gods and many other off christian ideas. A good man though.  

Meet Louie, a 54 homeless man, who lives on the street. He lost his wife and mother-in-law last year. Been homeless since March of this year. Loves Christ with such strength. A testimony needed to see. Oct. 23, 2013


Meet Jeremiah, a reform homeless heroine addict, Christ believing young man. I interviewed him Oct 30, 2013 at Pioneer Park in SLC.

Street Videos