Since I have started this Ministry, I have received hundreds of emails from former Mormons who have left Mormonism into a Personal  Relationship with Jesus.  I can not tell you how gratifying this is, since many former Mormons leave the faith and become atheists. This  has led me to develop another ministry to help Born Again Mormons find mentors to help with their new relationship with Christ. It's  called Mormon Detox.   Go to:


 The Ministry has produced over 325 videos as of June 24 2017, almost 7.8 million minutes have been viewed throughout 200 countries, over 35,000 comments from Mormons and Christians sharing their views and exchanging their ideas, an average of over 50,000  people throughout the  world are viewing the videos each month. It's been amazing! All for the Glory of God.  God is in favor of this  ministry. Here are just a small  portion of the emails and fruit.  I am looking for financial partnerships to keep this ministry going. Let me  know if you would like to be a monthly contributor. God Bless You All. Dave





 ​"Hey Dave, Just got out of Mormonism. Praise God!! Thanks for all the videos. You made me understand the real gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please continue the  good work. Many lives are being touched by your videos. Thanks for providing so much good information. I'm able to  use that information while talking to  my Mormon friends about the real Jesus. I really appreciate what your ministry does. God bless!!!"    Sachin Samuel  

​ "Hey Dave, My name is Melissa and I had to let you know how much your podcasts have really helped me an especially the one with the  temple veil rent In  two. That was really insightful. My husband and I decided to leave the Lds church about 2 months ago and have  started to truly know the real Jesus Christ.  Thanks for your uplifting program and trying to help others know Jesus. Keep it up!" Thanks!

 "I wanted to email you in some way, shape, or form and I couldn't actually find your email, so I hope you don't mind my messaging you    here. I've been following your YouTube channel for a while, and your videos have had a profound effect on what I've been doing. To  preface, I've just recently  come to accept Jesus and almost immediately after, I was approached by some Mormon missionaries. I've been  dealing and wrestling with a lot of their  teachings for a few months now. I wound up at a few of their services and got really quickly  sucked into a lot of their teachings. But when I started having  some problems with the Church's teachings that seemed extra-biblical  (though I had very little experience in actually knowing the full Bible and got pushed  around with some of the passages they like to  twist), I happened to scroll across your videos and they've really helped me as I'm working to find my way  back out of the Mormon  Church. I've been thanking God for the work that you do in helping people in tough situations out of the grips of Mormonism. You  were  exactly what I needed, and I wanted to thank you so much for what you've done and praise Jesus even more for helping me stumble into  your videos.
 You really do fantastic work and I love the videos you produce. I really that you and the Lord can continue working together to produce  the videos you do.  So again, thank you.

 "Hi Dave, I just wanted to thank you for your videos, my husband and I have recently left the lds church here in Ireland and I am still  working through  seperating what I've been taught to believe, I really enjoyed the video 'how are you made righteous before God', and felt  I should let you know you are  helping people with these videos. Thank You."..So blessed..Thank you...

​ John C wrote: Dave Bartosiewicz. I praise the lord for the lords ministry that you have for the mormons. i have loved all your videos. when  I watched your  videos witnessing to mormons and asking them very good questions i see the love of Gods agape love through you. its all  Gods unconditional love i see  through you. its the love of jesus. i see jesus through you. your videos have been so encourageing to me and  have also help me to witness better to  mormons . the lord jesus christ (who is fully God and man and is eternal) has used you as a vessel  unto the lord in my life to help me let go mormonism  little by little to the point The lord has opened my eyes that i completely dismiss  mormonisms doctrine of God and jesus and their exaltatation doctrine and  their salvation of works. i praise the lord by his grace  unmerited that i did not get too deep into mormonism when i had joined the lds church. back in the  1980s when i joined at the time i  ignorantly assumed that the lds were meaning the same things i believed when they used christian terminology . At that  time i just  assumed it was a christian church with distinct different beliefs. thank you once again David for your videos and ministering to latter day  saints.  God bless you brother and keep praising and exalting jesus. each of your videos has been a blessing to me and the holy spirit has  ministered to me through  the word of God with your videos. i hope you dont mind David but i share your videos to mormons who i have a  burden for. its Gods beautiful Grace  (unmerited) that shines his glory and light through your agape love in christ jesus. God bless you  brother!!!-

 Grace just finally came to the Lord after studying with the Mormon Missionaries and me mentoring her for 4 months. She was seriously  considering  becoming Mormon but as I taught her, her eyes began to see things more clearly. This is what I received from her. 
 "I have found a wonderful church of the One and True Jesus Christ, and I am getting baptized. It is such a great Church! The people are so  kind and you can  see the light of Christ in each one of them. Yes! Finally! I was on my knees praying one day and I just felt the Spirit so  strongly it brought me to tears. I  could feel Him near me, I know that he is protecting me. He knew I was searching in the wrong place,  that I need to look to Him, not to an organization.
 Me: Oh so happy to hear that>Praise God!...Sounds like you were born again. Praise Jesus!! Thank you Lord..What a blessing from on High!
 G: It is so wonderful! Thank you for all of your help! I have now come to Christ and fully given myself to Him. I am so happy that I have  Him in my life!
 Me: I am so happy for you Grace. His Grace has set you free and delivered you from all the control of religion and other false gospels. You  are truly His  Child. I love you Grace and am so grateful to have played a part in your surrender to Him. Thank you Jesus..The angels are  so happy!
 G: His Grace saves! He is everlasting! You have made such a tremendous difference in my life Dave, I am so thankful that you helped lead  me to Christ. You  should be very proud of all the ministries you are running.
 Me: Thank you, I'm very moved and honored to have you as a friend and now a sister in Christ. You brought me to tears. If I never see you,  I will embrace  you with my love and tears and joy that I will have for you in His Kingdom. You are such a special child of His. 
 G: I am so happy that you are able to do this! I pray that you are able to bring so many more people to Christ so they can feel what I am  feeling now that I  am devoted to him. What an amazing, glorious, gracious, empowering feeling that is! Thank you! I never thought I  would be one of those "Jesus Freaks"  who talked about God all the time, but now I know why they feel so strongly about His love. I  promise to serve my brothers and sisters and to always act in  His name.
 I am so grateful to work for Him. Thank you Jesus...What joy!!

 "Hi David, Just wanted to let you know I watched a your youtube video about the Renting of the veil when Christ died. I never in all my life  had ever heard  this story . I have been a mormon all of my life.My husband and I have been inactive for 2 years now.We found out all the  lies we had been told. We were  devastated and thank God I still held on to my belief in God. I would like to learn more about being a  Christain but have no idea where to go. I have been  taught a totally different way of life. Is it to late for me. Im 49 years old and have  lived all my life a certain way.I feel so lost now. I have been watching  your videos and have really enjoyed them and learning a whole new  life I never knew. Thank you "

 There's no greater joy or gift I can receive than a comment from J Rodriguez , who just watched one of my Videos I did about the differences of who Jesus  is with Mormonism and Biblical Christians..He just said an hour ago. "THANK YOU I JUST RECEIVED JESUS AFTER WATCHING YOUR VIDEO...PRAISE  GOD..Thank You Jesus...My First Love.....and eternal companion and God...

​ David,
 It was no small task to come across your videos on youtube. For years, I have struggled with my faith in the Mormon church. I have been  prayerfully  searching and pondering for answers in my own life and that of my family. Which first led me to Lee Baker and his  story, which in turn brought me to an  interview you did with him in Manti. Your words, your videos and the holy spirit have filled my soul  with a happiness I haven't felt for a long, long time. And  I wanted to say Thank You. The bible says in Matthew 7:7, " and ye shall  find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you." Your message to those of us  who may be having doubts or questions, is an answer to my  prayers. I've been in the church since I was a child, and have always felt to have a more  "progressive" view on how things should be. Many  things throughout my life in the church just didn't add up. I'm now 29, have a beautiful wife, and 5  wonderful boys. And because of your  message of love, and Jesus Christ, I feel like a pathway has been opened to me and my family, and I pray that others  will receive your  message of hope. God Bless

 God is constantly bringing people from the Mormon Faith to a personal relationship with Jesus from my ministry...Just got this from Nicole: Nikki 16  minutes ago · I've gone and shared this on my personal FB Page. ( Video of the Veil Torn in two) This and others helped me make my final decision to leave  the LDS Church - This clip and many more have been a blessing in disguise! My eyes, ears and heart has opened. Thank you do what you do! And Yes! God  is Good!


​ What an amazing experience tonight. In my Ministry I have a number of people leaving Mormonism and watching my videos and  others..Today was payday,  a 64 year old from Idaho visited me at my home and he became Born Again and received Jesus as His Lord and  Savior..Even though his family are all  members of the Lds faith still, God has been directing him out of that Faith into now a true and  saving relationship.. He confessed, repented and renounced  his previous faith for Jesus...Tears, prayers and the presence of God was here  tonight..He was in a bishopric as well...Praise Jesus...Thank you Lord..Please  keep Russ from Idaho in your prayers..

 Hi, my name is Paul! I'm a former Mormon, granted I wasn't a mormon for a time and a half. I was only a member for 8 months, but I do  know that I started  going through a faith crisis about a month and a half ago, I was going to work and crying about feeling like the Book  of Mormon wasn't true, a bunch of  things were coming together about Joseph Smith, and his teachings.
 I never believed that we were to become Gods; that was Satan's plan, not God's. I confronted my Bishop, and Stake President about the  teachings, and how  I didn't agree and that it was Satan's plan for us to become Gods (As written in Genesis 3:5) the only thing they said  was attend church on Sunday, Read  the Book of Mormon, D&C. and Pearl of the Great Price (Notice they didn't say read my bible) and  pray with a sincere heart that way I'd know it was true.
 I tried this over, and over again! It didn't happen, my faith crisis was getting worse and worse... I had to check out Joseph Smith Jr.  myself, and get the  answers that I needed. I researched how he translated the plates. The church said he translated the book with the  plates in front of him with a Urim and a  Thummim. But in actuality, he "translated" them with a seer stone in a hat, not actually using the  plates. Not to mention, he "translated" Egyptian Papayri  of the dead into the Book of Abraham, Not to mention his "Translation" of the  Bible.
 This began to cause a huge panic in me.
 A Few friends sent me your videos, I watched them! I thought it would help me realize the Book was true, but it didn't! Your videos  actually helped me grow  closer to God. I began going to a Non-Denominational Church!
 I owe you a massive thanks Dave! 

 I investigated the LDS church for 3 months putting in endless hours studying the scriptures (and a few hours each week studying theirs).  The criticism I  relieved from my Mormon brothers and sisters was this: ultimately you can find ways to support whatever it is you believe  but that doesn't make it correct  (which, having sourced from LDS members, now seems incredibly ironic). Long story short, even though  Bible studying was a priority each day, I still  contemplated getting baptized. (Largely because their community was loving and faithful in  praying and fasting). After watching all your videos, I  recognized indisputable reasons why I couldn't answer yes to the first question of  the baptismal covenants. I am beyond grateful that your teachings and  G-d's grace saved me from what would have become -essentially-  bondage. Your request is ending my day on the highest note. I found your channel last Christmas when I began investigating. They  convoluted their message of grace, and I don't know how I could have figured it out without your. From New Year's to Easter, I studied  LDS scriptures fervently against the Bible. The questions you raised in videos were a catalyst for so much of my research. I was totally  emerged in Mormonism for the majority of 2016 but because of you I never claimed JS to be a prophet, and I never wore that white  jumpsuit.  I no longer regularly attend their ward, but I still fellowship with them now and then. I had the sisters over yesterday to sing  hymns and  play guitar. I  requested "Come Thou Fount," and they informed me that it was no longer approved/in their newest hymnals.  President  Hinkley expressed that song has his  favorite hymn. I am wondering if their is a political agenda involved. Why else would they  take away  the last prophet's favorite hymn?By the way, I am a 23 year old from Small Town, Ohio. I now am a business analyst for a large  entertainment/hospitality company in  Orlando. I still struggle  with church involvement, but I study and cannot deny Christ as Savior.
 Thank you and G-d bless.  Allison Snyder

 What beautiful news I just received from one of my Mentors on Two Mormon Women went onto my site and contacted  La Vonne with  Mormon/Christian Mentoring and have both accepted Jesus and are set free from Mormonism and are beginning a whole  new life with Christ and the Body  of Christ. Praise God!

 Hello Dave,
 My name is Shantaal Hernandez. I'm a 20 year old college student. I'm a born again Non denominational biblical Christian and have been  so for two and half years now! And recently I made Mormon friends. They of course are trying to convert me. And with the help of your  videos I have been able to not only understand the distinct differences between Christianity and Mormonism. I have been able to sit with  local missionaries and have a civilized debate/ lessons with them. Your videos have helped me reach a point of my faith I wasn't at before.  I am a stronger Christian because I know and am able to identify Gods love while they can only see the work they have to do to get to the  afterlife. I appreciate the unconditional love and his sufficient grace because I am able to identify the counterfeit and keep my eyes locked  on Gods truth. Because of your videos you have opened my eyes and heart on a new level. But most Importantly you have given me a  perspective to not run away from the Mormons but to have a heart for them and love them whole heartedly. It's an honor to help support  your ministry. I admire what you're doing with your ministry and look forward to future videos. Keep doing what you're doing. Not matter  what negativity comes your way, just know you are inspiring people. I am living proof. 

​Hi Dave, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy watching your videos. I left the LDS church about a year and a half after I converted to Mormonism in 2013 when I was 23. I had been an atheist for several years prior to that and had been searching for the Lord for about a year before I was baptized. One night I was watching a talk by Elder Holland and sometime during the middle of the talk it hit me out of nowhere - God was real and Christ had died to save me and I had been denying Him for years. I literally fell to my knees next to my bed and asked for forgiveness and put my trust in Christ and I knew in that moment that I was saved. Yet I still joined the LDS church about two months later. It makes no sense now, but I know that I didn't fully understand grace at the time. I thought that because Jesus had saved me while I was investigating the LDS church, that MUST be the true church. I knew a lot of things in the LDS church didn't make sense, but I figured I just didn't understand it yet. Thankfully Christ continued to work on my heart and never let go of me even though I became LDS and eventually I came to understand both grace and why the LDS church isn't the same as Christianity. A Christian friend put it in a way I'll never forget. She told me that "God didn't save you BECAUSE of the LDS church. He saved you IN SPITE of it." About a year ago I ripped up my temple recommend and haven't looked back since. I went through some hard times where I really missed the church even though I know I couldn't go back to it. My love for Christ is so much greater than my love for the LDS church ever was and I know I have to follow Him. Thanks so much for your videos. They always remind me to look to the Bible and to trust in Christ alone. -Nicole

David Bartosiewicz, your videos are a real blessing to me. I have learnt so much about the Mormon Church and their beliefs through your ministry. I must say I spend a lot of my time reaching out to Mormons ( I also work with one) and your videos are equipping me with the info needed to debunk the lies of the Mormon church..keep up the good work brother. All glory to our wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. God Bless David.  From David N Jean Tayler, England.

Dave Bartosiewicz. I praise the lord for the lords ministry that you have for the mormons. I have loved all your videos. When i watch your videos witnessing to mormons and asking them very good questions, I see the love of Gods agape love through you. Its all Gods unconditional love i see through you, its the love of Jesus. i see Jesus through you, your videos have been so encouraging to me and have also help me to witness better to mormons . The lord Jesus Christ (who is fully God and man and is eternal) has used you as a vessel unto the lord in my life to help me let go Mormonism little by little to the point The lord has opened my eyes that i completely dismiss Mormonisms doctrine of God and Jesus and their exaltatation doctrine and their salvation of works. I praise the lord by his grace unmerited that i did not get too deep into mormonism when i had joined the LDS church back in the 1980's. When i joined at the time I ignorantly assumed that the LDS were meaning the same things I believed when they used christian terminology . At that time i just assumed it was a christian church with distinct different beliefs. Thank you once again David for your videos and ministering to latter day saints. God bless you brother and keep praising and exalting Jesus. Each of your videos has been a blessing to me and the Holy Spirit has ministered to me through the word of God with your videos. i hope you don't mind David but i share your videos to Mormons who i have a burden for, its Gods beautiful Grace (unmerited) that shines his glory and light through your agape love in Christ Jesus. God bless you brother!!!- From Pink

Dave, do you have a pay pal or a P.O. box or any way we can donate to you.? I have benefited from you and your work and would like to help out with some of your expenses.  Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and doctrine.   For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain,” and, “The laborer is worthy of his wages.” (1 Timothy 5)   My defense to those who examine me is this:  Do we have no right to eat and drink?   Do we have no right to take along a believing wife, as do also the other apostles, the brothers of the Lord, and Cephas?   Or is it only Barnabas and I who have no right to refrain from working?   Who ever goes to war at his own expense? Who plants a vineyard and does not eat of its fruit? Or who tends a flock and does not drink of the milk of the flock?(1 Corinthians 9)  Dave you have produced good fruit and I have been well fed and would like to join your ministry with a donation. I haven't been to your web sites yet only your youtube channel but thank you. From: Darin Hibbit. 

Dave is seriously the best man I know in this world, he brought me back to life when the spirit in me was absent. You're the best teacher! from Elsa

Thank you Elsa but I don't deserve any recognition only God's love. So happy for you though..:)

He love's us both and that's all we need forever. But I have grown to love you as well because you have helped bring me home, I truly believed in my heart I'd never believe in God again. You've taught me so much in such little time, you will always hear praise for me because I know you did it for the almighty and I'm grateful for a real BROTHER like you.

Hi Dave, I have been watching your youtube videos being a former mormon and now a follower of Jesus.  Your videos have really helped me i appreciate it very much. Keep up the work, I live in a homeless shelter now, lost my family partly due to changing faiths and its been a long road but i would change none of it because i have come to know the Lord so much more. from Philip.

Dave, you do good work, keep telling the truth PLEASE, your ministry helped bring me to the real Jesus and I can never say thank you enough. Diane Fraiser

​Diane Frazier same for me... praise God for Dave and his ministry. Trudy Burgoyne

​Hey Dave great video! Been mormon for 18 years, I am a BYU student who watches your videos. I have woken up to the truth and it truly is a weird but wonderful experience. The chains of mormonism are strong but nothing can stop a true personal relationship with God. Keep up the great work Dave. You and Shawn McCraney are a true blessing in my life.

Thank u brother for totally changing my view of who Jesus was and know I understand fully why its important to follow Jesus . I need to read the OT more lol but now I understand why he's truly the only way to the Father . God bless ur ministry and ur life ! Hallelujah !! K.

​This video was a Godsend. I'm a babe in Christ, as they say, just coming out if Mormonism, and the few verses about the Apostles laying their hands on others to bestow the gift of the Holy Ghost were in the back of my mind. Thank you, not only for this video, but all of them. They have been extremely helpful. And I also want to say that I appreciate how kind and gracious you are in your interview videos. You're very good at being respectful to others' beliefs while sharing your knowledge. God bless!..

​OMG... This channel is so precious... Dave, thank you so, so, so much for speaking all these things!!! My dear brother, may GOD bless you!!! Thank you for all this precious material! Avos Suave

Hi Dave, great video, just thought I'd let you know that through watching this channel I got the courage to go with a Christian work colleague

of mine to church and have now recommitted my life to Jesus and have left Mormonism.Praise God for your ministry! Gary Pratt

Thanks Dave! I learn so much from all your teachings. Rose Fagan

 I want to thank Dave for what he is doing since it is evident that he loves the Lord and desires to serve him. I have learned so much about what Mormonism is all about since he contrasts the differences between Mormonism and Christianity. I was once a devout temple worthy member (convert) for 39 years who once said I would never leave. I must admit I did not know the true doctrine of the church. These videos have been enlightening to me and my never Mormon husband and have helped us with understanding biblical truth. I am now a new Christian. I really appreciate how Dave is very respectful during his interviewing with current Mormons. Thanks again Dave. God be with you Cindy Crawford Willoughby.

I received a call from a former Muslim named Zia Hassan yesterday to share how he became Christian and accepted Jesus through the ministry. His wife and daughter joined Mormonism 2 years ago, when he started to watch my videos. He called and let me know, "It was because of your videos that you changed my life and directed me to Jesus".  "I am now a Born Again Christian". We cried together with Joy. What a blessing! Thank you Jesus! Dave

Dave, I agree with you 100%. As a recent Mormon convert (I was Roman Catholic), I think it's wrong to separate from each other like that. It is all about loving each other as Jesus has loved us. I will continue to live by that and am hopeful it will make an impact on this separation issue. My heart went out to the bride whose family refused to share in her beautiful day. I will never ever do that to my daughter. I love to watch your videos and all of your respectful interviews with Mormons. Very tastefully done and continue to spread the love of Christ. God bless. Karen. 

Thank you for these precious videos Dave!!!! You are a blessed and brave man! GOD bless you every single day with boldness!!! (From Brazil) Avoz Mansae

Good morning! I can't believe that it's been a year. I have learned so much from this man and I'm extremely grateful for his ministry. Lots of love to you and Janet, God bless you both in all your endeavors! Elsa Candia

Friday Ugorie This man David is a good man, he is a prominent donor in church builders ministry to save souls in Northern Nigeria, may God bless Mr David bartosiewicz

Doug Benson Thanks for putting on these videos. I have had a lot of friends over the years in the LDS organization and have had a heart for them but have never had adequate info about the beliefs and traditions of their organization. Thank you for having hearts to share the gospel.

Hi Dave,  Keep up the great work brother. Your ministry is a BLESSING! Clayton Callaway

Just woke up this morning from a woman calling me from Hawaii..She has been wanting to call me for a week. Her first comment was, my son killed himself..I was affected by this, and started to get to share my love to her she has been a Mormon most of her life, had over 5 kids..She has been watching my videos for some time..I taught her the gospel and she just accepted her Lord and Savior and is now a SIster in Christ. Born Again..If there is anyone who is a brother or sister who can help in Maui, please let me know. Her last words to me were, "I have never felt better than now"...Praise our Lord, He is so good!! Her name is Robina.

You inspire me to to be a better Christian. What you do is your gift. Not everyone will understand but plant the seed anyway it's someone else's gift to water that one. Keep going! Mimi Sunshine.

I enjoy your videos from Temple Square too.... well done. Marilyn Oosterhoof.

True Jesus, Dave,  thank you for your videos that you have shared it has certainly opened up my eyes just like you i was a mormon for decades and i rejoice to know true freedom keep up the good work my brother God bless you! Daniel Green. 

Don't go David Bartosiewicz. I've learned so much from you, and you've always been humble to listen as well. You're a man of God and one of the most loving I've ever encountered. JJ Ceverring

David Bartosiewicz don't stop! You might not think about it as much as I do but I remember that day you came up to me and showed me sincere care soon after I mentioned I didn't want to believe in God or anything of that nature because it seems like science makes more sense. I remember it as if it was yesterday because you said I was weighing heavy on your heart day's before, that meant so much to me right at that moment because I knew that you actually cared and that you share the word out of love for God and because you know how sweet his mercy is. You taught me great things and you show the love of Christ whenever you can. Don't stop doing what you do because in the end God will always lead you to the right places at the right time regardless of the opposition you face. I sometimes struggle with the church because there's so much hate, racism, and hypocrites. But we don't place our value in anything else but our great CREATOR. Elsa Candia

David Bartosiewicz you've had a huge impact on people (like me). You have an awesome ministry! Billy Parker. 

Keep up the good work. You have helped my wife and I lots. You've spent hours talking with us and teaching us and never asked for anything. We could feel your excitement and love as you taught us and as we had ah ha moments. Don't worry about the others, many people just won't understand. I remember seeing one of your first shows way back and thinking, "this guy is an anti mormon and just wants to tear people down." Haha. I laugh at those thoughts now. You can count the seeds in an apple but you can't count the apples in a seed. So when people start saying things it's because it touched them. Wade Christensen


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