Mormons have recently claimed they are Christians and that their beliefs are similar to Christianity. I believe these videos show the unparalleled differences from the videos on the street from both Mormons and Christians of other faiths. I thank everyone for sharing their witnesses and being honest. I really enjoyed the many months of doing these videos and hope they help give further insight and understanding on how we are not on the same ground or foundation. Thank you and God Bless.


Episode 15:Mormons and Christians share different ideas on"Where did Christ pay for our sins on the Cross or in the garden?"Daves reveals from the Bible where Christ paid for our sins.


Episode 14: Mormons and Christians sharing is "Jesus God in Flesh and is Jesus a spiritual created being or an uncreated being?" Dave shares the trinity from the bible and in the Book of Mormon. Also shares Jesus is uncreated.

Episode 16: Dave shares his testimony  and Alivia Burgess shares her love for Christ.

Episode 24:Mormons and Christians sharing "How do you become a Child of God"?Dave teaches what the Bible shares how we as believers become a child of God.


Episode 17: Mormons and Christians sharing their understanding of "Are we Saved by Grace". Dave teaches from the Bible on Grace and the Law.


Episode 18: Mormons and Christians sharing "Is there a need for a living prophet today"? Dave reveals from the Bible that Jesus is our Prophet today.

Have You Experienced JESUS?

Episode 22: With Christianity the Cross is a symbol of love. See "Why do Mormons not wear the Cross or put them on their churches?" Dave shares biblically why those who are Christians believe the cross is important.

Episode 21: Mormons and Christians sharing "How do we Test a Prophet of God"? Dave teaches what the Bible reveals how to test a Prophet. Is it prayer or by revelation of their words?

 Episode 13:Michelle, a homeless person receives Jesus. Mormons and Chrisians share the differences of Heaven and Hell. Dave shares the biblical verses that those who die and are with Jesus go to Heaven.

Mormons and Christians sharing the differences of  their Faith



Episode 25:"Are Mormons Christians?'' A pastor and other Christians along with LDS belivers share how they are or are not Christians.Dave shares the biblical truth of how Jesus is an Uncreated God not a Created God...Amazing insight and show. Hope you liked it. This is the last show comparing Mormonism to Christianity.

Episode 20:Mormons and Christians sharing the answers on "How are we made Righteous before God"? Dave shares biblically what the bible teaches us how we are made righteous.


Episode 19:A healty Mormon and Christian debate on the streets of Salt Lake City.

Dave, Interviewing Lynn Wilder, Author of "Unveiling Grace". A former Mormon, BYU Professor turned born-again, sharing her story.

Episode 23:Active Mormon Women standing for what they believe should be changed in the LDS Church, "Women having the Priesthood". Christian Women sharing that they have the "Royal Priesthood of God". Dave shares what the bible reveals on this subject.