Have You Experienced JESUS?

Episode 12:Mormons and Christians sharing their answers on the question: "Who is God and what is the Nature of God?  Very interesting concepts and interpretations of the nature of God.

Episode 11:Jay and Debbie Williams share their conversion story how they came out of the LDS church and became a born again Christian. Dave teaches how Jesus is the Only High Priest over the House of God.


Episode 8: Kay Sorenson, a former Las Vegas Singer became born again and is sealed His now. She now is with Him in heaven. Two months after the interview she past away. Dave teaches how we are sealed as eternal families in Christ.


Episode 7:Michelle Rudolph Muren and Bryan Jensen give their born again witness of Jesus and share how they are sealed His. Dave shares how Jesus is the fullness of the gospel.


Episode 4: Lynda Dust and Terry Dust share their amazing testimonies of being born again believers.

Episode 3:  Kevin Kunz shares his testimony how Jesus changed his life from a life of great tribulations including blindness, loosing his business and having cancer.

Episode 1: Layne Howes and Melissa Moss share their born again experiences coming out of the LDS church and into a saving relationship with Jesus.


Episode 10: The Body of Christ.
A real life experience interviewing the believers of Jesus at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix before a Hillsong Concert.
Dave shares truth why there is one body and one true church of Jesus.


Episode 9:Lisa Mitchell shares her tesimony how she became a born again Christian and how she serves her King everyday by helping the poor in Guetamala building chickencoops, constructing stoves and building community gardens. Dave shares biblically are you a "fan" or a "follower" of Jesus. Are you a part-time or a full-time believer?


Episode 6:KC Kelly and Jeanne D'Amico share their born again experiences . Dave teaches that Jesus is our only prophet today.

Episode 5:  Ashley Ballard-Sume and Cathy Keen share their beautiful tesimonies of becoming born again of Jesus and are now saved in His kingdom. Dave shares the biblical truth that Jesus is God in Flesh.


Episode 2 Jared Moss and Kat Connoly share their story how they came to know Jesus.

Have YouExperienced Jesus

Episodes 1-12

Enjoy the Shows and Remember God Loves You.